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The Low Line Bankside


The Low Line Bankside

LONDON - Ongoing

BBUK worked with JA projects through a series of community-based co-design workshops to develop public-realm proposals for the Low Line in Southwark, which follows a route along the Victorian railway arches from Waterloo towards Bermondsey. The vision was to create a green corridor with improved accessibility that linked existing and new hubs of creativity, entertainment, and industry focusing in on three key sites at America Street, Wardens Grove and Ewer Street. 


Residents and local workers helped us identify quieter, greener routes through a busy part of London, explaining why particular features around the future Low Line were important to them. A key aspect of this process was the development of signage which highlighted why they would walk along the arches that comprise the lowline, and what they would be walking towards. The potential emerged to generate new routes and green spaces which can be expanded upon over time.

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