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Bridgewater Masterplan


Bridgewater Masterplan


Bridgewater is a triangular shaped peninsula site located at the southern tip of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in the London Borough of Newham.  Owned by the London Legacy Development Corporation, the site is bounded by the Greenway to the south, the Waterworks River to the east, and the railway to the north. Between the railway and the site is the Manor Garden Society Allotments. Sole vehicular access into the site is provided by the Bridgewater Road Bridge which crosses the Waterworks River. Further pedestrian and cycle routes in and out of the site are at the threshold of the peninsula linking the site to Pudding Mill Lane and to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to the north Stratford High Street to the south and Carpenters Estate to the east.


The Bridgewater site was managed as a car park during the Olympic games and is currently used for storage. The topography of the majority of the site is largely flat, with an outlook across the plot from Stratford High Street and The Greenway towards the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.


There is a varied landscape context surrounding the site, which often appears overgrown as wild planting has taken hold along riverbanks and disused plots of land. The views across Bridgewater offer a variety of landscape and city views, from the landmarks in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, to the tall buildings of Stratford High Street. The adjacent allotments site creates a green western edge to the site and includes a hedge along it’s perimeter.


The wide landscape park and public spaces of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park are immediately adjacent to the Bridgewater Triangle site connected via two railway pedestrian underpasses along the towpaths of Waterworks River to the north and City Mills River to the south.


The landscape vision has drawn upon the sites existing island-like qualities to create a vibrant, exciting and varied masterplan. Upon the existing character areas of the river edge, allotment edge and Greenway edge, two core principles have been overlaid: integrated play spaces, and the design of high quality streetscapes.  The single vehicular access point over the Bridgewater Road Bridge ensures the roads are used for access only. Parking is kept to an absolute minimum with blue badge holder parking only, provision is made for delivery drop offs throughout the site,


Combined these three principles of the existing landscape conditions, play space, and dynamic streetscapes, create a multi-layered landscape design, that connects to the wider area of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, and the wider community.


Each landscape space has been built around the three key site conditions, these are interconnected through a series of connected play loops that interweave through the courtyard amenity spaces and the streetscape. These principals are outlined in the Parameter Plans. The illustrative landscape and public realm strategy has developed upon these key areas to a high level of detail, which demonstrates the varied and exciting landscape spaces that can be achieved across the masterplan.