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Blossom Street Courtyard


Blossom Street Courtyard

LONDON - On Site

Situated in Spitalfields, the project at historic Blossom Street comprises a mixture of refurbishment and new build to provide residential, office and retail units. Working with AHMM, for British Land, BBUK have designed a courtyard garden nestled between two office buildings.

The landscape layout is structured so that the more active North and West areas are in close proximity to the office space to act as a spill-out and lounge area, whilst the portion towards the southern boundary wall is designed with a green trellis and feature tree, specifically positioned in line with the main view through the ground floor entrance onto the street. A series of planters distributed around the perimeter expand the green volume and frame the space. These are echoed on the upper levels of the newly built block along the edges of the terraces, helping to soften the architectural mass and providing a subtle screen from adjacent windows.

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