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Newhall Public Open Space


Newhall Public Open Space


In addition to designing landscape and public realm for approximately 900 new homes at Newhall, BBUK were also appointed to develop 10 hectares of public open spaces. Delivered in two phases, the first of these included a linear Park featuring a new broadleaf woodland set out on shallow banks, that features a network of paths connecting to play spaces, sport pitches and amenity green.

BBUK lead the landscape design and collaborated closely with a project ecologist to ensure that the 2.8 ha of new broadleaf woodland meets the approved mitigation masterplan relating to Outline Planning Permission set out by Natural England.The majority of new forestry planting is set out on a geometric squared grid and gives the planting a ‘man made’, unnatural look. To avoid this BBUK produced a special wavy grid template within the Vectorworks software would deliver a natural planting formation from the outset.

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