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Newhall Detention Basins


Newhall Detention Basins



In addition to designing landscape and public realm for approximately 900 new homes at Newhall, BBUK were also appointed to develop public open spaces. Delivered in two phases these included sport pitches, play spaces, SUDS infrastructure and amenity green adjacent to the residential parcels.


The second phase involved the creation of detention ponds at the northern edge of the site that would deliver a centre point to the park featuring plantings of native marginal plants and islands as wildlife refuges. basins were carefully positioned to avoid the root protection areas of the existing Category A1 Oak trees, and a shallow sloping beach was included for wildlife to get in and out of the water while Corten platforms provide informal seating for visitors. BBUK worked closely with a project ecologist to ensure the new water habitat was resilient with a beneficial impact on the existing ecology; and very shortly after construction, the pond was populated by ducks.

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