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Hotel Puerta America


Hotel Puerta America


For the terraces and a neighbouring public park of a 5-star hotel in Madrid BBUK collaborated with seventeen architects and designers from around the world.


In the park change and flux was explored; a pine forest surrounds Nouvel's building, cloaking it from the city. Concentric rings of trees radiate away from the hotel across the park, each ring flowering pink consecutively. From the surrounding apartments the trees read as a floral calendar, flowering from January through to December. A fence of random length corten steel strips provides enclosure, rusting, as if one day it will vanish altogether.


On the Hotel’s terrace a bronze pergola supports climbers which throughout the summer provide shade, seasonal colour and scent.


The other architects and designers working on the project are, Arata Isozaki, David Chipperfield, Zaha Hadid, Norman Forster, Jean Nouvel, John Pawson, Kathryn Findlay, Marc Newson, Plasma Studio, Richard Gluckman, Ron Arad, Teresa Sapey, Victorio & Lucchino, Isometrix, Jason Bruges, Javier Mariscal.