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Hobson's Square, Aura


Hobson's Square, Aura


Comprising Parcels 8A & 8B, the Hobson’s Square development is located at the heart of the Great Kneighton masterplan and delivers 251 new homes with a tenure split of 60% private units and 40% affordable. The landscape design incorporates a series of dynamic features including garden squares, small scale courtyards and landscaped amenity spaces which have been planted with a careful selection of local species to celebrate and enhance the rich variety of outdoor public space on offer.

A communal garden square including a play area lies at the heart of Parcel 8A providing a space for residents of all ages to enjoy. In contrast, Parcel 8B delivers a more civic space with planting around a small commercial centre with local shops. The residential blocks are arranged around a central courtyard with steps down into a podium garden with planting beds and paths flowing through to create a more intimate space.

The urban framework within the parcels has been designed to be permeable to pedestrians and cyclists while reducing the impact of the car, through the creation of multiple cycle paths and walkways that connect to the wider Great Kneighton development.

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