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Griffin Park


Griffin Park


BBUK worked for Willmot Dixon and Brentford Football Club on a residential scheme to replace the club’s Griffin Road stadium, which was moving to a new larger premises, fit for their imminent promotion to the Premier League.  BBUK were lead landscape architects, working with Cleve West one of Britain’s top garden designers as a sub consultant on a design that was taken through to planning. Following the submission of the application planning was granted in 2021. 


The scheme looked carefully at what the site could offer and TateHindle’s designs looked to create a broad community through a mix of two, three, four and five bedroom townhouses in a  development that feels connected to the Brentford neighbourhood, whilst also celebrating the sites heritage. One of the ways this is to be achieved is by the creation of a memorial park at the centre of the site which is overlooked by much of the housing. This element of the design was particularly important to the club but more so to the relatives of those fans whose ashes had been scattered on the old playing ground.  BBUK were keen to honour this very personal history, and worked with Cleve West a life-long ‘Bees’ supporter (the nickname given to Brentford’s fans), to produce our proposals for a park that sits in the centre of the site that would act as a community space but also as a memorial garden.


The garden makes reference to the nickname of Brentford fans in its beehive inspired design by creating three hexagonal shaped areas; a central quiet area with lawn and perimeter planting, an orchard area to reflect past uses on the site and a children’s play zone designed with bee- themed play equipment.


In order to best meet the needs of the local community, the landscape team attended engagement events with local residents to explain proposals, with one event scheduled to be held on a match day so that fans could hear what was happening to their beloved pitch and stands. 


The visual impact of vehicles and traffic movement is carefully controlled through the site with the use of shared surfaces and integrated garaging. Landscaping and greenery throughout will provide a pleasant ‘garden’ feel leading into the central park designed to resemble a Georgian square with blossoming trees, lawns and flowerbeds.

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