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1-2 Broadgate




In the City of London, 1-2 Broadgate will provide 150,000 square feet of retail space on the ground floor with 375,000 of new office space above.  BBUK are designing the public realm at ground level and the 18 terraces comprising over 45,000 square feet, that will provide amenity for offices on the fifth floor and above. 

New mature trees will be planted along Finsbury Avenue.  A shared surface designed to take occasional and emergency vehicles will be paved with granite to tie in with stone used elsewhere at the Broadgate estate.  The existing pocket park is re-designed to provide much needed seating, new paving and planting, including multi stemmed trees and a living wall.


The balconies have planters positioned outside the railings where the plants will be encouraged to cascade over the edges.  The planting strategy is to have graduated, coloured planting wrapping horizontally around the building which will change in harmony with the seasons.