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School Square, Aura, Great Kneighton


School Square, Aura, Great Kneighton

CAMBRIDGE - In Progress

Nominated: Housing Design Award 2015

Comprising Parcels 6 & 7, the School Square development is located at Aura 2 in the heart of the Great Kneighton masterplan. The development designed by TateHindle delivers 165 new homes with a tenure split of 60% Private units and 40% Affordable and features four and five storey apartment blocks, the latter positioned along the central Lime Avenue, to enjoy dual aspect views.


A park at the northern end of Lime Avenue opposite Trumpington Community College was designed by BBUK as a multi-generation play space, and we undertook as lead Designer to integrate the Public Art strategy. The artists, Simon and Tom Bloor created a playful and eye-catching visual design within the path surfacing utilising 5 shades of resin bound aggregate that visually enhanced this well-used public space.


Our design also carefully incorporates the existing landscape, which includes the plantation and hedgerow to the north and west of the site. This, coupled with the new landscaping interventions, encourages and sustains local wildlife while complementing the houses and apartment blocks to create an integrated approach to the design of this new community. As on other parcels at Great Kneighton, the streets were designed to embrace the use of cycle and pedestrian routes to create a relaxed environment. The residential scheme was shortlisted for the Housing Design Awards 2015.

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